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Chicken Little X Foxy Loxy
Chicken Little ran down the school hallway, with his hands out before him, grabbing the air, as if that would somehow speed him up, as he tried to escape the one bully that he had never been able to counter or outrun.
Foxes had it in their blood to hunt down Chickens or Hens or otherwise and he was always the main victim, psychologically and physically, of Foxy Loxy, the troublesome vixen that had never really left him alone. It was like she was addicted to being near him, so that she could complain about his presence or attack him.
When he finally ran down the hall and made it to a small section of the area that was filled with nothing but empty lockers, he started to pin his glasses back to his beak and threw himself inside of one of the lockers.
As he slammed the door shut and poked his glasses firmly back into place, he started to see nothing but heavy condensation on his glasses, due to his stress. He pulled them off and wiped the sweat and build-up off, but he was soon having had
:iconmullan007:mullan007 6 34
Mature content
The Gypsy's Curse Part II :iconhentaiartist2000:HentaiArtist2000 7 0
Work now, play later by jedi120 Work now, play later :iconjedi120:jedi120 110 183 Private instruction by jedi120 Private instruction :iconjedi120:jedi120 61 262
SasuNaru FanFiction Chapter 7
Chapter 7
          Sakura knocked on Naruto's front door at five thirty, an hour and a half after school ended.  He answered the door, squinting his eyes as the setting sun's light shined on to his face.  "Heres' your work."  She said, shoving a small stack of papers into his arms.  Naruto, craddeling his homework in his arms, looked at Sakura.  "Sakura, what was happening with Sasuke when you walked in-"  He was interupted when Sakura lifted her hand.  "You...don't need to explain Naruto.  You obviously like Sasuke... I understand."  She looked down at her feet, sadly.  Naruto sat the pile of papers on the small table next to the door.  "Listen, Sakura...  I really can't explain it..."  He placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her head upwards, forcing her to look at him.  "I rea
:iconmadneeko:MadNeeko 9 8
SasuNaru FanFiction Chapter 8
Chapter 8
          Sasuke chuckled.  "Okay, Naruto, I won't leave if you don't want me to."  Naruto smiled warmly and snuggled on to Sasuke.  Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist, pulling him closer to himself.  Naruto looked up at Sasuke, his face flushed.  Sasuke laughed.  "Naru...your blushing."  He said.  Naruto looked away from Sasuke.  "I can't help it...I tend to blush when I am being pressed up against the person I think I'm in lo-"  He cut himself off.  'Was I really about to say that?!'  Naruto thought to himself.  He looked down, embarressed about what he was about to say to the raven-haired boy.  "Naruto..."  Sasuke said, wondering why the boy was so embarressed.  He lifted Naruto's face, and looked into his eyes.  "What were you just a
:iconmadneeko:MadNeeko 9 16
Purple lapis custom for Tehwatcher by TryingTheBest Purple lapis custom for Tehwatcher :icontryingthebest:TryingTheBest 36 45 Training by TryingTheBest Training :icontryingthebest:TryingTheBest 57 34 The Purrrfect Booty Heaven by Flyxthunder
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The Purrrfect Booty Heaven :iconflyxthunder:Flyxthunder 287 9
Loud Sisters (Lisa+Lily) by Mikeinel Loud Sisters (Lisa+Lily) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 1,592 24 Loud Sisters? (Lincoln+?) by Mikeinel Loud Sisters? (Lincoln+?) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 1,526 69 Loud Sisters (Lucy+Lynn) by Mikeinel Loud Sisters (Lucy+Lynn) :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 2,073 22 Summer Dream by Rivaliant
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Summer Dream :iconrivaliant:Rivaliant 179 19
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Frisky Farting :iconraichuleaf67:raichuleaf67 7 3
(SFM) Inklings by fruztal (SFM) Inklings :iconfruztal:fruztal 14 2
Chara's Genocide 2
The monsters at the shelters were Praying for their lives, they hoped the giant girl wouldn't come near. The girl was just simply too big to beat, all of their attacks would be nothing to Chara. Papyrus called Undyne and told her about the whole situation. Undyne was at the waterfall, it would take a long time for her to come to Snowdin town but she ran off instantly with her armour and her spears.
Chara had been gassing out some monsters who weren't aware of her. She found the underground shelter where Sans,Papyrus and the other monsters are. She wanted to block the entance with her butt, rip a nice hot SBD and kill all the monsters but she didn't.
Instead she stood near to it and ripped a small SBD.
The hot green and brown gas came out from her butt and slowly went into the shelter. The monsters suddenly started choking, a few off them dying. All of them would be dead if the monsters didn't run out of the shelter. Sans,Papyrus,Toriel and few other monste
:iconjimmy0915:jimmy0915 12 2
SWAG...that is all.Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's 



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